Custom Gaming PC- Top Features


When shopping for a desktop, you will come across several computers that have quite impressive specs, but they are not marketed as build custom gaming pc.  You can also find some laptops, desktops, or workstations that all seem like they might have the capability to play the latest in some capacity but they actually cannot.  This leads you to ask yourself, what makes a computer a gaming PC? Here are some features that a top gaming PC will possess:

The Motherboard

The motherboard forms one of the most important components of a gaming pc build. The motherboard together with its chipset determines what processors your PC will be able to use, the features it will have such as the maximum number of USB ports, and whether there is onboard video.   The most commonly sought after chipsets are the Z 170 and the x99.  The Z170 allows for SLI and overclocking; overclocking helps you to manually speed up the processor while the SLI allows you to use multiple NVIDIA graphic cards.

The Processor

While games tend to be more GPU intensive, the CPU still plays an integral part in the overall system performance.  The best gaming PCs often feature i5 or i7 processors with up to 8 cores.  But the cheapest gaming PC a processor of 4 cores is okay.  If you have a tight budget,  you can opt for a dual-core processor, but this will have a noticeable drop in the gaming performance.   When buying a PC for gaming, it best to buy one with the best processor to ensure that your computer lasts longer as you upgrade other components.

The Memory

For the PC to run smoothly, it is essential to have enough RAM, but it is not necessary to go overboard in this aspect.  A DDR3 RAM is good enough upgrade, but an ideal gaming computer should have at least 8GB to run anything that is fed to it smoothly.  You can also choose 16 GB.   It is possible to opt for more, but it is not necessarily to increase the gaming performance.

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The most important aspect of a gaming computer is the dedicated graphics card.  The GPU boosts the gaming performance and is necessary that you avoid the low-end cards.   For a mid-range card, you can try the GTX 960, or an AMD Radeon R9 360. If you want to experiment with virtual reality, the minimum recommendation is the GTX 970, but the most recommended are the GTX 1070.


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